September 15, 2023
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How do I choose the right newborn photographer for me and my baby?

How do I choose the right newborn photographer: the key to this is to ask the right questions, either to yourself or to your photographer. These are the top things to ask when searching for the perfect newborn photographer:

1. How long have they been a newborn photographer? Not a family/wedding/pet photographer. Specifically working with newborns.

Do they have previous client testimonials that they can show you? Google review page is a great way to see genuine testimonials from previous clients. It’s worth noting: photographing older babies or children does not require the same knowledge or expertise as newborn photography, so be quite specific in your search.

2. Have they completed any newborn posing & safety training or first aid training?

Knowledge and experience of posing safety is really important here as some poses should only be done as composites (two photographs digitally merged into one) meaning that hands are on the baby at all times. Others can potentially restrict airways or pose a risk of falling if using props. So if you’re looking for a photographer who specializes in posed newborn photography make sure they have completed the relevant safety training and are experienced in this type of photography.

3. How do they work and what’s their style?

Will they spend a lot of time posing baby or do they focus on more relaxed, natural shots? What kind of style speaks to you? Once you’ve spent some time researching the kind of images you want, it’s really important to find a photographer whose work reflects that style. If not, you could be disappointed with the results.

4. Do they have a studio or will they come to you?

Out of the two, which do you prefer? There are pros and cons to both. An in-home session, where the photographer comes to you, can certainly feel a bit easier. However, bear in mind you will need to prepare your home. Cleaning, heating, and moving furniture around are some of the things you may need to do, which is not always ideal when you’ve just had a newborn baby.

Choosing a newborn photographer who has their own studio, is beneficial because you can just turn up and get going. The travelling aspect may put you off, but remember, jumping in the car and traveling is often easier than cleaning your entire house.

5. Consider your budget

Nothing great is ever cheap and nothing cheap is ever great. The same applies to Newborn photography. If you want a seasoned pro, who knows their stuff and can keep your baby safe, you can expect to pay extra. If you are on a budget, then consider someone just starting out, or perhaps go for a photographer in the middle and have fewer images. Just remember, these images will only increase with value over time and you can never go back again.

How do I choose a newborn photographer? Conclusion:

Make sure you choose a photographer whose style you not only love but who Is likely to give you the best experience. Go for the best your budget will allow and follow the photographer’s guidelines, to get the best out of your photoshoot.

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