"Look at the magic that occurs,
when you give a person enough comfort just to be themselves"

Hi, I’m Yasmin and I'm the worlds best baby cuddler!

My other talents include:

- Settling even the most awake baby
- Celebrating your pregnancy journey
- An unlimited amount of calm and patience
- Making any parent look INCREDIBLE on camera (even if you've just had a baby)
- Making sure you feel as un-awkward as possible
- Capturing all those little details, even the ones you didn't know you wanted

I'm also pretty good at watching TV series, but I dont like to brag...

Lovely to meet you

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A mother of 4
A wife of 16 years
A sister
A lover of the colour green
A best friend
An Auntie
An obsessive book worm
A Taurus 
An enneagram 1
A huge fan of The Lord Of The Rings

Photo Credit: Sarah Kate London