MY style and approach to a photography session




There are a lot of words, which photographers use to describe their style. I’m sure you’ve heard a few: Documentary, Fine art, Natural, Authenic, ect. I find it SO MUCH easier to just explain here what my style is. I don’t want to give it just one or two descriptive words. I like to think my style is a mix of “documentary” and “fine art studio” I’m always looking for connection in my images. So lets break down what that actually means:


My approach (aka: a typical session)

I like a very hands off approach to a session. After introducing myself to you all, we will start out by opening up your bag of goodies (don’t worry, I tell you what to bring before hand) and we just chat about what you have bought along.

If you have different outfits, I might get you to try some on. I have lots of dresses and outfits for little ones at the studio, so please feel free to come and browse.

At the studio we can do both indoor and outdoor images, so we can start with either or!

At no point will I tell you to pose in a certain way, neither will I make you feel uncomfortable. It’s your show, I’m just here to capture it. Pure and real connection is always what I’m after.


MY style and approach to a photography session




My “style”

  In terms of the actual look of my photos, I deliver both colour and black and white (usually about 30-40% of the delivered images are black and white…because well, I love them!). The feel of the photos will directly relate to the energy of the session, if your family is full of laughter and silliness – it will totally shine through in the images, just like if the mood was more quiet, intimate and gentle – the photos will encompass this vibe.

MY style and approach to a photography session

MY style and approach to a photography session

MY style and approach to a photography session

My ideal client:

-Doesn’t fuss about the little things (the color of the belt your wearing, each individual hair clip in your girls hair, etc). I jell really well with clients who also understand this and can let go of some of these and get back to being in the moment and connecting during the session.

-Is cool with very little posed shots . I have found in the past, that when I am spending time creating a perfectly staged photo of you – there are 5+ other things happening behind me that I am missing. It could be a small hand hold or glance to you from your child, or your baby smiling for the first time. My clients understand that these authentic moments are way more important.

-Values the relationships in their lives and the people in their family. My inspiration on a session comes from the beautiful connection between you and your loved ones.

-Values photography.  I am not just chosen because you need a photographer, but because you want one. More specifically you want the story of your journey and the meaningful relationships in your life captured, from my perspective.


To see some of my favorite images I have shot over the years, check out the video below!


So now what?

If this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you I would be MORE than happy if you email me, tell me what you’re looking for and I can steer you in the direction of a photographer who fits your style preferences! There are so many talented photographers in the industry and we all shoot in our own unique ways – let me know what you’re looking for!

If this feels like a perfect match then hit me up and lets get chatting about your photoshoot! I want to know all about your family and your relationship!

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