frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Where do we have our pictures taken?

Indoor images like newborns and indoor maternity/family, are taken at my studio. It is located in Eversley, Hampshire. Exact address is given upon booking. Fortunately, we are surrounded by countryside here at the studio, so typically newborn and maternity sessions have an outdoor element too (weather dependent of course)

Can we have a shoot where we choose?

Of course, you don’t have to have a shoot within the studio. If you would like your shoot to take place at home, or a specific location…just ask 😊

How long will the session take?

2-3 hours for a newborn studio session, For families and maternity, around an hour. I don’t limit my time, you are the only session booked in that day. So we always have plenty of time.

What happens if i book and my baby arrives early or late?

No worries, most babies don’t arrive when they are due. I book you in for your due date, then we move accordingly when baby makes their appearance. For multiples, we simply wait until the babies are ready to be at home, then we move the shoot date.

What if my baby won’t settle?

Most babies take a little while to settle in the studio, that’s totally normal. In fact, it’s nice to grab a few awake shots of baby, when they are showing their beautiful wide eyes to the world. I also love all the stretching and yawning they do when they are awake. Every baby is different, and I just go with the flow, so please don’t worry.

What if my kids play up?

There’s honestly no such thing. I’m there to capture the personality of you and your children, then connection between you all, and all the chaos that comes with it. If your children are shy, let them be shy. If they straight up refuse to be in the picture, let them play. They will pop in and out of the shooting space without even knowing. I have three children, I know they don’t always play ball, but its fine. By the end, I’ll be your kids best friend….I promise!

Do you have props or wardrobe?

I have a few bowls in the studio which I sometimes use for newborns. I have gowns for maternity clients which I have lovingly collected over the years. I also have a range of neutral outfits, for babies aged 9months to 2 years.

What should we wear?

Once you have booked your session, you will receive a welcome pack in the post from me. Within this guide, it explains wardrobe and what to wear ect. Generally, my rule is inside stick to neutrals inside. Outside choose colours and patterns. For newborn shoots, always a neutral pallet because it helps keep focus on the baby.

How many photographs will we get?

All digital files are included in the package price. I always guarantee a minimum of 30 images, but to be honest I usually deliver between 30-90 images. I will always give you as many as I can, I like you to have them all!

Can we print or share our photos?

Of course. The box you receive with your USB, come with a selection of complimenmtary prints. You also get full printing rights with your USB, so you can print them at home.

You receive an online gallery with your session.This allows you to easily share images online with family and friends. Another great feature of the gallery, is that you can order products like albums, prints and frames. This is so easy, even your friends and family can order for themselves.

How long does it take to get our final pictures?

I usually deliver within 2 weeks.


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